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The Sabbath Directory Project lists Sabbath keeping ministries, business and personal web sites around the globe. In 2014 the site experienced an average of 208,178.5 hits per month. If your website is not listed here you are missing out on a lot of web site traffic. If you do not have a web site we can help you with that as well.

Many people do not understand the scope of our work. Many ministries who have websites run on a hosted account which is very low cost. The scope of our work requires us to run our own network of internet servers which costs a good bit of money every month so that we can provide traffic to your ministry.

Listing on the directory does not cost anything. However, we do rely on donations to support this work because of the servers, computers and other expenses.

You can also help us with your time. The site was set up so everyone can become involved simply by adding websites they know of that are not already listed on the directory. It's important in our day to spread the gospel and we cannot do it alone. We have provided the platform on which you can help spread the word. If you can take a little time every week and add websites to the directory it will help spread God's word tremendously.

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) is based in the Lockport, NY area from which we do our site development and manage the servers at the data center. The NOC has a dedicated internet connection and network of computers which allow us to do graphics and website development and other types of development. Our work is focused on serving the Lord by helping your ministry become better known. In 1996 we started on a single computer with a 30MB virtually hosted website under the domain. Since then our work has grown tremendously and our vision remains the same. To spread the gospel and help other ministries to do the same. As a body of believers it's important to be united in the work of the Lord. Without unity there can be no love or success. Those who have the love of the Father will have it in them to give. Either by donating money or time. We hope the love of the Father resides in each of you that it will compel you to realize the need we have in others helping us in this work.

Please take a moment to donate what you can to support our work. If you are in need of affordable web hosting, please visit and tell your friends about us.

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